Achieve that Picture Perfect Kitchen of Your Dreams

When searching among the kitchen renovation companies in Calgary, you might often be given tips about what to do. Although such tips are always helpful, sometimes people may find the not-to-do list a lot more real and direct.

You have to know that hiring the right company is a crucial decision especially if you are doing a major kitchen renovation. You also have to know that although there are many respectable and reliable contractors out there that can deliver quality and efficiency, some scammers can still slip in and out of the list every once in a while.

Here is a list of what not-to-do when you are looking to hire the services of a kitchen renovation company in Calgary.


  • Don’t believe everything you read. In this case, customer reviews on the services provided to kitchen renovation companies should be taken with a grain of salt. Not all reviews are objective. That is if you look into the website of the company. You have to remember that every review posted in the contractors’ site is selected. They will never upload a less than stellar comment from a previous client. So what should you do instead? Rely on word of mouth. You will find the best companies in this manner. Perhaps you have a neighbor or friend who had his or her kitchen done. You can ask them about how the work went. You can also check actual kitchens these companies have worked on to see if they hold up to the reviews.


  • Don’t make decisions solely on price. Some kitchen renovation companies in Calgary entice you with their affordable services. If you are on a budget, you might be tempted with this offer. However, if someone pitches you an underestimate of the real cost, this person will budget the money accordingly and will end up compromising one part of the service. To avoid this situation, take the time to meet with a few contractors. This way you will be able to estimate the real rate of the kitchen renovation. In addition, you will increase the chances of finding someone that will honestly quote the project.


  • Don’t be talked into having open-ended amounts. Once you find the right renovation company, there should not be any allowances on the terms and conditions. Whatever the amount of money needed for the services you and the contractor talked about should be the exact budget you need to shell out. Making allowances might get you to spend more than your original budget. Therefore, always have terms and conditions in black and white during the contract signing including the budget for the remodeling.


  • Don’t submit your own permits to the building department. It is not your responsibility to do this. Permit application rests solely on the renovation company. This is why if the contractor asks you to do this, don’t hire that person. If the company can’t apply for your permit, this only means that it may have problems with the building department. To be sure that the contractor can legally provide services, check for the work license and see if it’s updated.


Once you have found a contractor among the list of Calgary kitchen renovation companies, insist on not paying in full and in cash. This way, you will know that the contractor is in fact a professional. Most reputable companies won’t ask for the exact amount paid in full before they even start the renovations. Be wary and keep your eyes open so you could find the right Calgary kitchen renovation contractor.

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